We welcome the dead class: Sharpshooter

New KR patch has arrived, and you know what? We’re dead ya’ll
From An already bad class, we’re getting even worse class balance.

Loawa top korean players are now changing their builds

We’re now officially the class needing the most number of damage gems

We have such sad Mana issues that we have to use focus rune on our most important attack

Loyal companion, a one high-swift class is now made into a spec class. Let’s goo

We’re going to the moon people, we’re going to the moon (and i’m talking how much we need to spend to rebuild our characters)

I love my Loyal companyon sharpshooter with swiftness. I like the gameplay and style, but since it was on the low end dmg wise I was expecting a buff. If I have to change engravings and accessories (at least raid cpnt has to be changed if going for spec) and give up the fast gameplay to still be viable, I’d rather make a different character.


might as well make reflux sorc xD

I tried, don’t know why but sorc is super boring to me. Just not my thing.

That´s an exaggeration. Swift LC was not touched, spec does a little bit more dmg on paper, but is slow af and will be behind swift build in a real raid encounter.

Let´s pity those souls that main deathstrike…

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This guy is a doomsdayer. LC Swift continues to be untouched. Yes we need a real buff but there are already tests that show spec and swift LC are basically equivalent.

This post should be referencing Death Strike SS, they got royally f’d.

The real worry is SG clearly has no clue wtf they are doing when it comes to SS

This post is such an exaggeration lol.

Swift LC hasn’t changed. It’s still very much a strong build and if you already have a swift build, there’s no reason to switch.

Spec LC is now an additional option for people who are building a SS from scratch but it will no doubt be more expensive since you are competing again other spec classes for accessories. It’s slightly ahead in damage in Trixion testing but should be on equal terms or may even fall slightly behind swift build in actual battle settings because it’s slower.

Condolences to all DS players though. That build is dead. Harder to play and don’t even have the higher damage to justify it any more.


What really aggravates me about Deathstrike is that, even though I’m not a game designer, I immediately have ideas on how to improve it. It should play similar to igniter but with more finesse and equal burst potential. It should take more skill to do the dmg, that’s what I mean with finesse.
-Have a timed mine that you throw before activating DS, so it goes off inside the window.
-Make snipe have an additional smaller, or secondary sweetspot when used while DS for more dmg.
-Make charged shot do more dmg when you curve it (aim away from the boss and then hover over the boss after firing), with reduced charge time plz.
-while using death strike you can activate a secondary identity (like reaper) that cloaks you (like a sniper with camouflage gear) and have it reset CDs so you can have an additional snipe (or any other form of dmg boost). Only available if you land a certain amount of shots in DS window?
Thats just from the top of my head…

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That’s good to hear :slight_smile: with the back atk nerf and the new skill (is it good?) maybe LC swift is even slightly better off than before.

We can see in loawa that the main meta is now spec loyal companion. The swift is still viable but korean players are now using spec. I think they do that because they know the damage window more so they dare do the spec build

Actually the main build in loawa is now spec loyal companion. But from my perspective, these top players know damage window well and therefore dare to do spec instead of swift

If you’re an SS you already don’t care about being top dps, and if you have done an LC Swift build, you don’t care even more. So what’s your point ? If LC spec is viable or better that’s a good point,
LC swift will still be really good with the patch, just Double engraving are dead and DS are sad.

You can cry for other engraving, not for LC

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Swift LC is actually still fine and got a DPS increase of about 15% wich is quite alot honestly, full swift has some mana problems now tho but that’s about it

No, its the main spec because the top players were dual engravings that required spec for Death Strike.

Theyd have to buy all new accessories from scratch if they switched to swift LC. This way they can basically switch out a single piece or two from their previous builds

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Apparently all point out to LC SS receiving a slight buff in the end. New Loyal companion tripod perform better that old generic tripod, so slight buff there, the crit buff on the bird make it on par with the rest of our kit that get 40-50% crit through tripods.
The QoL on bird use is also nice.
The new spell apparently is a decent addition to your rotation, but might make us even more mana hungry
Indentity generation is also nice for us

Sure it’s not the huge buff I was expecting, but it’s still a buff, swift LC SS will likely NEVER been a “top dog” through the sheer aspect that it’s a very easy class to play, like reflux

In the end I’m definitely going to try out even more when it comes.

The new counter buff kind of combines our counter + movement skill into one, and so we can still keep our arrow rain to do conviction judgment combo.

I have now changed my bracelet to 20% mp recovery thing. All these to help out.

I guess we’ll have to wait and try out these combinations then. Expensive gems? Sure. But no other choice i guess

Man, as a Swift LC main people coming in here and just going “well LC is fine It’s not a big deal” is concerning

They essentially gutted DS, giving it a high risk / meh reward playstyle, adding in highest damage gem costs of any class, very limited build potential and giving them an over time meter gain on hit that not only makes the class more clunky, but is the only class to have this over straight meter gain on hit

Oh and making one ability specific for DS to use be a head attack ability, even better

Spec LC is one comment of “why doesnt Spec LC do the same damage as Igniter/Barrage/Summoner” away from turning Swift LC into FPE Artillerist

They addressed very few essential QoL changes that the class desperately needed, especially mana consumption

They essentially limited Tripod usage based on Class Engraving alone, along with making some tripods essentially useless by making others too overpowered (Steady Aim god damn deserves better and this one is a personal gripe I have)

And finally they did not listen to player feedback at all and stood their ground on this being the future of the class, setting a bad precedent for other classes needing a “rework”, seeing if they will be treated like Barrage or like SS

But yeah, LC does more damage now though and bird is so much better

Class is 100% fine

4 days to go

They got buffed but they’re harder to play so not dead. Just dead if you’re bad.

Just in case, I’m building an Arcana :smiley:

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Ouch the burn xD