We were lied to. We aren't getting a ticket back

“there’s nothing we can do even if we forwarded this issue to the technical team, it is the game’s system that decide whether you met the condition to retrieve your entry ticket or not.”

Why Amazon keeps failing at video games

They keep hiring people who don’t know the basics, they prefer the easy things, that to do it right.

They are not going to return anything to us, they already said it, the truth is that it was a very simple error, they do not even know what they are doing, I would almost bet that smilegate is the one that is solving all the errors of the amazon games staff

No re-entry ticket for me too… AGS support is incompetence.

This is something everyone should expect since they did it before. Like 2-3 weeks ago after the patch we had disconnect issues made by the server and Roxx lied to us that everyone will get their compensation tickets. Still waiting for mine :clown_face:

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It’s kinda dumb how it’s set up. The entry should only count if the player kills the boss.

If the player dc, then they should not lose their entry count or be able to receive the reward if the boss was killed while they were gone. (to prevent abuse - bus etc)

Basically the player needs to be part of the kill participation.

Love that Luis throws Smilegate under the bus lol. I hope you still have a job buddy. The devs say don’t tell us about the problems

If you want to play a game where you don’t get lock out until you get the loot, even if the system has to mail it to you because you forgot to pick it up or got disconnected, you’re better off with Diablo. At least those guys are honest about wanting your money and the game works well 99% of the time

honestly its dumb to even lose drop because you DC. you can’t expect everyone who DC does it on purpose. you should still get drop through mail or you should get your ticket back. there Dungeon system is not very friendly. especially how horrible Our internet is in U.S we got worse internet infrastructure

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Still waiting for first week Valtan ticket, haven’t spent a dime since.

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I wouldnt be surprised if they dont bother responding.

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Why do you people always target CMs with this stuff? How can you brain not put the most simple interaction together?

Player: Shucks my Valtan entry got eaten, time to go make a forum post
CM: Oh no, I’ll ask the team
CM: The team says tickets will be given to affected players


Like come on, their job is literally just to relay information from us to AGS/SG, and vice versa.

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Because of posts like this where they can’t even copy and paste a response without messing it up. “Welcome to the new world forums…” what.


What does that have to do with this post or roxx/shadow who are posting here all the time and play the game?

Some new hire fucked up and made CMs look incompetent, or at least new ones. Okay. What does that have to do with this at all?

I’m not saying to not be upset. Just be upset at the right people.

Not having tickets for week 1 Valtan is inexcusable. But being mad at the CMs for it is just idiotic.

Yes I get that. I am just saying there is a huge lack of communication on the CMs part. I don’t think anyone is blaming the CMs, but if you look at many other posts where people are upset about everything going on, it’s a lack of communication.

Did you not bother reading the post? This is in response to their automotive system. Support contradicts what shadow posted hence the frustration. We get a response from Shadow yet through several support chat they’re indicating what shadow said is wrong. It’s upsetting that we are getting mixed messages. It’s not being mad at the CM directly but moreso on the miscommunication and lake of transparency.

I have been submitting ticket from April 23 almost everyday,and havent gotten my entry back.
Me and my wife got disconnected during Argos p3 that day due to Una server crashed,lost loot and entry.

Why you people keep believing they will send anything back to your accounts when they clearly aren’t able to?

Because if they were, they’d be too busy removing all of the RMT’d gold from people’s accounts.

I love how they’re avoiding answering this.

Bro read the responses lol.
The guy doesnt type or speak proper english, is prob outsourced from india or other places that they hire cheap contractors. he is more than likely reading a script and you are throwing him for a curveball, is prob lying and doesnt actually know the companies policy or their ability to refund entry tickets.

Could also be a new employee, these are the types you get with outsourced custom service and if you think they represent amazon as a whole then you must of never had a job in customer service or called a big companies customer service XD.

Considering I have talked to multiple support via chat and phone call, not likely. Also people in my guild are getting the same answers.

Again the issue is to point out the inconsistencies in the answers we received her vs what we get in support through their support site.