We will get it tomorrow, lets go! [No joke]

(Not sure how critical that was tho when u can solve it that fast, but im happy xD)


Yoooo let’s go

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It was a april fools joke from the beginning.

Yay, finally the cries stopped.

Some major emotional whiplash, but I’m glad it’s coming tomorrow.

quite the show

Was hoping it would continue until after dinner. Hitting refresh while downing sushi was entertaining.

compensation for making me cry when? my tears aint free. i want 30 day crystalline for each of my tear drops D:

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All the children have been given their pacifiers!

Imagine ure a mad lancer master main who just uninstalled the game

Seems kind of Sus, no yellow text. No lost Ark water mark.

playing with my heart man xD

wow i 1st April has passed already, this still feels like 1st April joke. is it delayed or not ? :smiley:


dont be so sure, i dont trust any word from this company now until i see things with my own eyes

Was it them joking with us?

Nvm found patch notes and the post OP was refering to. My b

its sad and funny :smiley: and hype and disappointment and hype again :slight_smile:

AGS bet troll of the year.

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