We would love an ark pass to come for EU/NA, and we would love to get it sooner rather than later

its not exactly new news that every other server has ark pass, and some are having their second ark pass already, our server is missing one and we definitely would welcome the pass!

Tbh im anxiously waiting for the pass, and the reasoning is that im tired of having money in my wallet and not having to spend it anywhere, I would love an ark pass, i would love that free tiger mount, the tuxedo skins, overall i would love additional skins that is not PIRATE or OMEN skins, those that are disliked most by the community, we seem to be getting them.

tl;dr we are waiting for an ark pass and would love to get it sooner rather than later.

@Roxx @Seawolf i remember that you guys said u had an issue with releasing skins due to the ongoing argos issue we had, but now thats far away, how about we finally let players get atleast something what they would want.

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Who is this WE of which you speak?


I’m looking forward to the ark pass too.


Yes to ark pass which provides free mats to f2p and additional items to those who support the devs/publishers by purchasing premium tracks. Include me in this “we”. thanks.




Yes! I want the Ark Pass, skins and mats!

I really hope the “drama” that was caused by them leaking it doesn’t make them delay or not release it. It’s a great source of materials for f2p and for people who wanna spend.


If you want I can give you my paypal if you are in the need of spending money


Why are you FOMOing over an Ark Pass?
Jesus these posts are crazy.
Relax, itll come out when it does.

Stop whining man.


Spending more on this game when they haven’t even fixed issues that were a problem during pre-launch and their content roadmap is to drip feed the rest of the classes over seven months? Nah, I’m good.


I also want to know who is this “WE”… All I know is the NPC Wei who i need to collect his legendary card for buff.

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They are spending a week to restructuring the ark pass based on feedback. Who knows, this could be amazing. But yes, the Ark Pass is nothing more than a Founder’s Pack but with 2 fewer tiers to buy from.

By “we” do you mean who exactly?

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Me for example.

Ark Pass is providing more ways to give people options to get more cosmetics, unless Amazon plans to give us cosmetics through events, log-in rewards, twitch drops, amazon prime subscription in the coming weeks, it wont hurt to provide existing content from KR.


I guess everyone who wants more free mats and more skins. So about 90% of the playerbase?

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is there even one day without complaining. You complain for everything

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its only for the paying community that actually contributes to the game for it to survive , so not you ofc :slight_smile:

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Dont you know?Its Coco,his imaginary friend

Not sure why people think “we” all want the Ark pass cause frankly not all of us “want it”.

Just put w/e would be available in the pass into the store already and call it a day.

I don’t think not releasing skin had anything to do with Argos. I believe they mentioned something about rigging skins. They should have been rigged by KR already, but I think they want to rig a censored version too, and release both in case players preferred one over the other.

But yes, free players benefit from Ark Pass too. There is a free reward section if anyone was blinded by it.