Weapon glow is a scam, and there is no reason for it to be like this

So first of all why not allow people change the glow to any +level below their current, inclusively?
Sometimes going for the next glow level feels really bad and you know you are going to disable it completely. Very simple to implement quality of life thing. Sometimes you like the glow but it does not suit your transmog, so you disable it too. There are many reasons why you would like to go to a different glow effect, and I think absolutely nobody will suffer in any shape or form from it.

And secondly, looking at the following screenshots you can clearly see that the glow on some weapon skins literally has less volume than on some other skins. For example, the difference between Festival and the default relic weapon skin. On the other hand, the old Ark Pass skin maintains the larger volume of glow. What is the logic here? No need to adjust the size of the glow, just make it same, it shouldn’t be larger nor smaller on any skins, or there should be an option to chose between different volumes of the effect.

Skins and transmogs overall could have such high potential in this game, but everywhere you look is some clunckyness, either you can’t dye a skin or you can’t dye certain parts of the skin, and now I figure out that the glow is broken too. What is the reason it has to be like this? Like you would need to specifically go out of your way and create a different volume preset for some skins, instead of just maintaining it at 1 default volume on each.


I rmember a while ago, around clown launch, there was this destroyer from Zosma that had +25 Hammer, his glow was massive af. but now that i get mine im left utterly disappointed

it is literally so miniscule, that when i did +20 i felt scammed, I couldve been 1580 instead of 1550 if i had honed armor instead, but i wanted the glow bc i saw how massive it was, but then i get this tiny ass glow

Its the skin , the glows are set value so if the skin is big it hides some glow , biggest offender ive seen is the squid spear on glavier , change ur skin for a bigger glow

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If the glows are set values then why does a bigger skin have a smaller glow? How can a skin hide the glow if the glow is surrounding the skin on the outer side? The default glow effect is 100% wider and more massive than the shown skin, it would still appear around it if it wasn’t changed. On top of that - I see how different sizes of the weapon skin could sometimes need an adjusted glow, but only in extreme cases, for example extremely thin and short weapon would need a smaller glow. But again, only in extreme cases and what is actually happening is going the other way. Festival skin is bigger in size than the default skin, so it would need to have a bigger glow, but it has a smaller one. What I am saying is not that you are incorrect, but that the way how it works is wrong and there is no reason it should be like this. The largest deathblade skin is only a fraction in size of the smallest berserker skin yet for some reason berserker’s glow is much more massive, so the issue is definitely not that it would take too much visual space.

You described exactly what i said man , the glow doesnt change for skins , its a set value on a weapon , if you have a skin that makes uour weapon bigger ie the squid skin for glavier you lose a lot of glow because the skin is covering it

Ita understandable why they didnt want to make a new glow animation for every skin added to the game , but also lazy

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