Weapon glow slider for QoL

Can we get a slider of how much weapon glow we wanted to see? +25 weapon is somewhat annoying to look at, way to bright and big and can barely see the weapon.

| >.<


Cant see my weapon! Dayum!

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They hopefully rework weaponglow completely at some point. Weapon level should determine it’s form but color should be dyeable or they could sell colors like skins


I like this idea.

Currently it kinda limits customization because often it will either look bad because colors don’t match or you turn the glow off which looks ugly too


i would love more to have an option to Turn off GLOW of other players. Is this too much to ask? That shit is annoying.

would be very cool, and also easy to do i think. i hope it’s gonna be forwarded to the team! xD but really…

You can turn off your weapon glow

i know. mine is turned off. but option to turn off other player glows would be really nice.

Why? they want to flex their glows bro :C

I know I can turn it off. But you a slider to control how much glow you wanted would be nice. Glow covers your beautiful weapon thats why.

Is this post a humble brag, or not??

While Deathblades and Reapers be like…

I pay attention to everything in the Legion raid, but the weapon glow has never distracted me there. Don’t you have something better to do in combat than stare at the glow?

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Did I say anything about distraction in Raids? What is the point of buying those fancy weapon skin if you are unable to see it with the huge glow?

Here to troll? Im down. :rofl::rofl::rofl: