Weapon Quality after Kakul-Saydon

Just pick this yesterday:

When Kakul-Saydon arrive, will I lost this 100% quality upgrading the weapon from LVL 1 to LVL 2?

Quality will transfer over


Take that luck and run with it. Nice.

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You’ll keep the quality.

And nice congrats :confetti_ball:
Please share some of your luck

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Kakul doesn’t switch the set you’re wearing, he upgrades it. See the “lvl” thing when you look at your gear effect, he will take it to lvl 2 basically. So yes quality remain the same

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Awesome! Thanks for the answers folks <3

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your quality always stays btw even if you upgrade to new brelshaza relic gear and later ancient gear, it will always carry over and stay at 100 quality

So he is done with his weapon forever

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for as long as we know yes

My envy is unmeassurable

Thats why people we’re and are still recommanding to take your time with this. Don’t go broke on it ))

There’s your new main or current main if you have one. Out of all the mining in the goldmines you finally struck gold. The surprise however turned out to be the gold that you got was actually diamonds. A true diamond in the rough.

you’ll keep it til T4. if T4 even is a hard reset

Kukul doesn’t really have a new set persay, he unlocks the level 2 bonuses of your sets. The next “set” doesn’t happen until Bralshaza and even then your weapon quality will carry over to the next set.

so basically for example with dominion fang, we are going to have less cd with the upgrade?

Exactly ! And our Awakening will stop being cut out by 50% finally )))) Pretty worthy

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Does quality transfer to ancient gear?