Weapon skin disappear?

my glorious melody harp has disappeared from my bard and is nowhere in my inventory. anyone else have this issue with their weapon skin?

check universal storage they did a patch to convert the items from ark pass to roster bound , so if you had open it was removed and a roster bound chest was given back

So I’ll have to reskin it :confused:

sadly yes the way the item IDs work they could not just change your item into a roster item , it had to be completely regenerated

They should compensate the resources too cuz I used crystals :confused:

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@Roxx @Fenrirskoll any news on this? Myself and others like @joshtonreau used dyes on the weapon skin prior to the removal and replacement, and the replacement skin of course has no dyes, but that also means we have lost dyes that we paid for.

Is there any work going into identifying which players had dyed the skins prior to their removal in order to restore the dyes that were accidentally deleted along with them to those players?