Weapon skin for glaivier?

Ammm… where is the omen weapon skin for glaivier? you can put omen skin for clothes but not a skin for weapon?

I’d assume her skin is the same as the other martial artists, I don’t have one so can’t confirm, however there is no shared weapon.

Apparently there is no glaivier weapon for the omen set… or any of the old skin sets for that matter

fml, i saved chest with skin and weapon just for glaivier…

Yeah you arent alone on this… they really should have made this more clear in game somehow. Unless you were active on the forums you would have no way to know about this. I think alot of people just assumed that logically they would have skins for future classes included.

Actually the Korean version does have the Omen weapon for Glaivier, they are not releasing the skins so they can make them work on classes that haven’t had them on Korean version of the game, but when it comes to skins that really existed, they can’t put them out. Lol.

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and I saved extra one for Destroyer :clown_face: