Week 2 brel achievement only already for g3-4

wtf guys this is like week 2 and you can only get into groups with achievement for g3-4. this gatekeeping is getting out proportions now. you miss one week or dont clear your out.

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And? EUC there are alot of Progress/Learning Partys. U dont wana join? Cuz u wana get carryd by people with Kill EXP? Not our problemm.


lol there are litterly no learning parties for g3-4 man. only achievement or exp without achievement if your lucky. but im neither so. and cmon 5 clears in this early stage?

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your point ? make your own group with your own requirement people who don’t want to waste time with first timers or who didn’t even live until 0 bar why you think you are entitled to people time ? and it’s week 3 not 2 it’s really funny people complain that people should join them and waste time and effort on such easy gates

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We caught the rat trying sneak into reclear party haha :joy:.


I don’t understand why people run away from prog parties, I did one in first week and we cleared the 4 bosses

What is wrong with you.

So someone makes a lobby on purpose to joke and be like " Need G6 title lvl 10 gems LoS 30 " and you will make a topic on forum how you are being gatekept?

Jesus christ.

Do you wait for someone to make a lobby like that to make a topic on forum ? Holy

Yes g1/2 and 3 not hard i joined with my alt a progress party i sayd i have kill exp they give me lead and i try my best to short explaining 3 gates in 2 hours.

And another 2 hours g4 cuz g4 need a little bit pattern knowledge.

And the same if i go with main for exampel reclear partys g1-5 1 1/2 hours. No room for non experience player. Thats my opinion. And its stil early stages week 3.

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well if you dont have experience join prog groups, and if you have there are plenty of groups without achievement+ you can make one or a crazy idea look in discords/forums people to play?

U dont know me, im one of the people that try my best to help and try my best to say the truth. Dont asume things u dont know me.

Everything what u are here saying:

Is Toxic and bad behavior. I play since release. No reason to go to “next game”. Stop talking nonsense.

Oh yes telling others that are gatekept that they just want to get carried is such a good way to help others. You’re a joke.

Yes its the truth, i sayd to op EUC are many progress Groups.

But OP stil didint say which Region he is.

And its my opinion. To say if u dont want to search or open a learning party. Why should people that want fast runs or no progress runs. To let join non experience people.

Thats not killing the game. Thats not bad. That the reality.

Why did u delete your post now?`

I try to say alot of times. If u people have struggel going for Newest content. Take your time go for Learning Partys/ Build one/ Look for Static / Build one / Look for Guild that need people to raid / look Discord / there is even a forum section to search etc.

So dont come to me and bash me. The only thing what u did now is geting on my nerve. And not even try to give any advice in this topic.

I just looked up g3

you shouldn’t even bother replying to dented people who only talk and never do raid and only buy busses these type of people the same people who make a “reclear” then say opps my bad dying on every single gate and then crying why people not letting them in without achievement or proof of actually putting up an effort into reclearing multiple times dogs will always be dogs i always ask for proof of reclear and if someone doesn’t have it insta kick not wasting my time on them

You must play other region or something or other times then me bc when i look its only reclear and achievement groups i cant find learning groups

lol your assuming your just being toxic man. the only buses i bought where for summoner.

then make your own learning party, so many people complain about it but no one makes their own, if there are none then all new players should apply to your party and it will fill up fast

So what region are you? And if there’s no learning/prog parties you can always start one and accept anyone that applies.

I get it could be frustrating to see only reclear/achievement lobbies sometimes, but it’s completely fair for people who have cleared (especially 10x) to want people on an equal footing as them. I don’t even see that as gatekeeping unless they deny people who meet that requirement.

Make your own party, im sure there are plenty of ppl like you who are willing to join

Make your own progress/learning party.