Week 39 patch release

Hello Smilegate/AGS couple of things for this upcoming week… I wanted to be the voice for the ones who requested time off from work , life events and other important things to get ready and prepare for Kakul Saydon & the release of the brand new advanced class Machinist. Couple suggestions for the good of the community and patch release:

1 - If needed release patch at earlier time than schedule ex ( -4 hrs ahead of time ).
why? well last patch release the team encountered multiple issues and needed extra downtime which caused a lot of frustration among the majority of players of Arkesia. by releasing patch -4 hours earlier we can secure that if anything happens the servers will be ready by 12:00-1300hrs.

***2- This patch is important so it would be very beneficial if we have the opportunity to follow up progression live, something like a live stream of patch progression with one or multiple members of AGS that way we can avoid churn and back to back Q&A from members of the community and the AGS/Smilegate team. ***

3- Also it would be nice if we are able to get important info at the end of every patch regarding of what comes next or when the next schedule patch would be released, this way the community can be well informed and prepare in case of big changes such as (tripod update , buffs/nerfs etc.)

thank you, best regards.
Ulla. :new_moon: :drop_of_blood:


Hi @Ulla thank you for your feedback! I’m moving your post from the French to the English-speaking part of the forum for more visibility, thanks! :slight_smile:

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They have already done all the background work for the major patch. Shouldn’t have any issues. :crossed_fingers:

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By the way, KR gets all patch notes after maintenance is over, and they have no clue of what’s happening with every maintenance.


fingers crossed! hopefully but just throwing a couple of ideas there for the community

Maybe they should fix some issues that have not been fixed for 2-3 weeks. Seems tomorrow is an empty 3-4 hour down time and a week with the same issues.


yeah it make sense since KR / Russia are the 1st seed of players , I believe for U.S is different because we are like 3 years behind from their content , that being said we can definitely get an update with every patch and definitely its something beneficial for players like me , I have to plan ahead so if I don’t know when something is coming it is very possible that 1-2 weeks are lost due to not further preparation. Pretty sure there’s lots of players with same issue.

thank you @kotik i didn’t notice the post was created in the French community!

Game released in KR less than 3 years ago, so certainly not 3 years behind. I would say something like 12 months probably, considering that we most likely won’t be waiting for Akkan whole 12 months after Brel comes out. And I would expect Brelshaza to come out in max 3 months after clown.

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^^^ why? it is just a game

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For some people gaming with or without friends is a hobby

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some peps take gaming seriously…