Weekend night, only 112k players online

It’s over


12,673 players online**


unplayable i know

While I do think LA isn’t in the best state at the moment, but daily steamchart “games dead” threads are pointless.


i agree. i still don’t understand why people keep making a thread about it as if it changes anything.


What’s over bro? Newbies who came with the update quit because of disabled powerpasses, veterans take breaks because of August being full of content, what do you expect? This is definitely not the best time to look at numbers.

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still looks good. if we see it goes down and back up again shooting to up to the 300k player number. 116k is on the bottom and it’s already started to shoot up again. we’ll probably gonna hit 500k player again in a couple of hours


You have a strange definition for a game that is “over”.

People like OP are doomers who are bored because they can’t find anything else to play.


haha yeah once the bots get a new script

isn’t that when you actually start looking for something you enjoy doing rather than being around just to keep making posts about steamchart and calling it a dead game? seems like they’re dedicated to keep pointing out steamchart as if it means anything. but yeah i guess they’re bored and in the same time don’t wanna find something better to do other than just being around to point it out every now and then because they don’t understand that no one cares about steamchart.


when a concurrent of over 50k on a western release of a korean mmo is considered very successful. And the directors goal he was hoping for was 100k.

the CMs ban people for leaving actual feedback and leave threads like this up. why?


Half of that are bots

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be glad while still over 100k players. imagine RU and JP combine not even over 20k

we will have an empty month and the characters release time s,ulcks like 2 months and ppl like me will have an empty slot forever until 2023 for artist ;

edit : i also play in russia server , and the game is dead there , the player base is too low , even if i log in in their time like 6 hours fuso , the server is still very empty and there is no party for legion raids .

As though their region is the only weekend night

Game’s fine. People really don’t seem to understand how “concurrent players” work lol


CMs are off on week ends. That’s when people make all the shitposts.