Weekend night, only 112k players online

To be fair for Black Desert Online it has its own standalone client that I think a pretty significant portion of the playerbase uses since it launched on Steam a lot later into its life.


Europe 4am, people sleeping: Game is dead

110k concurrent, over 3 continents, on 5 separate regions, over tens of separate servers that don’t offer cross play in the world outside of raids.



Of course, every mmo that offers it’s own client should be played using that client, and not having to bother with an intermediary. Common sense if you don’t want to deal with 3rd party complications and shit.

I feel like 100k actual active players is really good!. Thats not a dead game by any means. By the end of Wildstar we had like 2k active lol. I do not feel like a game needs to have millions of players to be considered a successful and thriving game.

Well they have to find a way to pump new people in and stop buffing bots income. Yes game has its problems but far worst one is no new players which means slow economy, people play less eventually bad news. It has to change system adding new raid wont change anything just forse people behind to make EASSY decision to quit game.
from the start many people said that AGSA pump content to fast without solving problems. People got behind and they quitted because they where gated by experience gap. Why people who played in Rus, Korea pushed early game so fast and had 17 alts new people was wondering and exploring world and AGS decided to pump content and forse people do new raids for which they wasn’t prepared at the end result was as expected. People swiping credit cards left and right just to catchup for the raid requirement, massive bot infestation (what a surprise right)

what makes difference to you 112k or 1000k,just curious

Wonder how many people realize 112k players online doesn’t mean there’s only 112k ppl playing the game :^).

but we dont want that LA has 15k concurrent players like new world at the end of the year after incoming games releases :confused:

Color me surprised a shadow of a game keeps losing players. /shocked

Everyone went back to new world


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r u idots? dont u know that numbers r all bots?

Yes. The game is dead! Please stop playing. Most people who make these posts are trash players who make me wait 10 min to complete a yoho run. I wish the total number was 10k but they were all good players.

yeah apparently we dont have a life outside the game, plus unique player count is more important that “theres 112k players on right now”

Oh look another Steam chart andy on the forums. Color me surprised.


maybe the fact that kakul doesnt come out for almost 2 months when a lot of players have been ready for him for a few weeks now made those players comfortable with taking a break from the game. Now is the perfect time to take a break being so far ahead of the content release schedule.

Even if we assume half the playerbase were bots (it’s more likely around 30%), anything above 50k actual players would be great.

But the thing is that the numbers are in steady decline. Some months ago people were like “200k is fine”, then 100k was fine, now 50k is fine and it just keeps dropping. We’ll get a jump with scouter and clown, but that won’t last unless their policies change and they keep fucking over actual players that are still left.

why are you still here?

the moment the player base starts noticing an actual decline is when you can no longer form matchmaking groups for casual content or stuck in party finder for raids

as long as you can go in click a button and enter a dungeon within 5seconds nobody cares
the auction house is still thousands of pages long
people are clearly playing
some people have found ways to optimize their time and just play 1-2 hours a day instead of their usual 8-12hours a day

go figure
as long as you can play the game the game is fine
if you have to start soloing guardians because matchmaking doesn’t exist and party finder page is 5 lobbies long
then you can tell yourself yeah i should probably go play something else

Oh no, i’ve completed all of my weekly stuff to have whole weekend for myself, friends and family without the “need” to login and play.

Game is dead.