[Weekly] Battle Item Bundle... Still trash

Prior to the patch:
150 Blue Crystals for 5 of each chest
This comes out to a ratio of 7.5 Crystals per chest.

After the patch:
90 Blue Crystals for 3 of each chest
This comes out to a ratio of 7.5 Crystals per chest.

Purchasing through Mari:
25 Blue Crystals for 5 of 1 chest.
This comes out to a ratio of 5 Crystals per chest.

I’m not sure if Amazon thinks they are fooling anyone with this “update” to the weekly battle item bundle chest, but it wasn’t worth it before the patch and it is not worth it after the patch. On top of the fact that the ratio is worse than Mari’s Secret Shop, you can only buy 1 bundle a week. Meaning, if they made the ratio better, players would still be using Mari for a majority of their battle item needs. Additionally, in order for this to be worth purchasing, there would need to be 1 of the chest types that is not present in Maris shop for an entire week. This has not happened based on what I have observed thus far.

I was actually looking forward to them updating it to be worth purchasing because I like having a stock of battle items so that I can actually contribute on my alts with flares, pots, bombs, etc… But it looks like I’ll just keep crafting them instead since Amazon thinks we can’t do math. Or worse, they can’t do math themselves.

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Yea 100% for the people who haven’t been doing the math for this don’t get ripped off and buy this battle bundle. Definitely not a deal