Weekly Count issue

After 436 hours, I reached 1370 ilvl today. I made abyss dungeon hard mode and collected a few necessary items. I was quite excited to enter the argos raid and entered. so guess what?

About two minutes after entering the raid, my internet connection was lost and I had to reset the modem. it took a while. when i re-entered the game, i was in punika. my weekly login was gone and i didn’t get anything.
I contacted Amazon, thanks to them, they spoke very sincerely. They have “forward-looking studies on this subject”. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone before, but I really have no hope for this game anymore. 436 hours and the game throws you back for another week because you finally lost your connection.
Of course, it wasn’t their fault that my internet connection was gone, but don’t you think it’s possible to do something?

And sorry for my bad English…

Unfortunately alot of games are like that, sorry u dced, better luck next week, but look on tve bright side

The forum freddys want real content in this game added in 2025 so u got 3 years of argos b4 anything else comes out. Plenty of time to make up for it!