Weekly entrance bug - no ticket received


There was a crash during my Aira’s occulus Abyss and when I came back in game, my weekly entrance was gone. My friends told me I should receive a reset ticket through in game mail but I didn’t.
I also contacted support which told me they can’t do anything.
I don’t believe this since there are those reset tickets.

Help me please, it feels terrible to spend 100€ ingame for the new battle pass, and face a problem 2 hours later with nobody who dare to help…


bump this.
There is way to many crashes atm.
I crashed on entering cube.
A mate crashed 3 Times before we could do maps together.

just had a crash that cost aura of resonance. character name: Getawesome. Server: Avesta

Same happened to me… 1 hour ago! -.-

Bump here