Weekly entrance lost to EUC server crash

Continuing the discussion from Update to Timed and Ticketed Content Lockouts: I am certain that many people (including me) lost the entrance to Argos or the abyssal dungeons. I was clearing Argos p3 on Thaemine when the EUC servers crashed. When it came back up, not only did I not have the rewards (we never finished clearing him in the first place anyways) but I also lost my entrance ticket. In the post I linked in the beginning, @Roxx stated that a system in order to prevent this from happening was implemented. It has been a day and there is still no sign of my entrance ticket back, nor have I received any official information on this topic. I am yet to see a player who got back the entrance ticket (if you are there, please let us know). I don’t really know what to do, but this gold (almost 3k) is really valuable for us, the players, right now and it sucks to lose my weekly allowance due to a server outage. Does anybody know if there is an MO regarding this instances in order to get back the ticket? I am not sure if I need to do something special or post somewhere else. Anyways, the fact that I haven’t seen any official response to this issue shocks me (I have reposted this here since it makes more sense)

Also didn’t get . I already contected support via ticket and they replied the same thing that they have this system for it and if I didn’t get the ticket within 24h then I should post it and maybe I get it after the maintence next week, well its past that day and still nothing. They said to me today if I didn’t get it then I’m not qualified to get the re entry , like really?
There was a huge uproar about it what happened last week Thursday (04.21) around at night and they posted about it on discord/twitch that they had server outdown so I think its mean the problem was at their end so why I’m not qualified for it?
But if I’m the only one who didn’t get it and there is noone else then I would like to know really that why.