Weekly entry count exceeded...bug

So when i finally suceeded in getting in a raid (matchmaking cause party finder didn’t work) i got instantly teleported back and go the “weekly entry count exceeded” so now i’m unable to do it for a week i guess…it would be wise to start at least to communicate about those issues…but i guess having you player base getting lowered by that unprofessional behavior work in your favor since less player gonna play stability should improve.


I just got the same bug. Any help here on that?

Region: Europe Central
Server: Neria
Name: Butterinho

Same here, in the gate of paradise 1, me and my mate got kicked instantly and now we cannot enter it anymore for this week.
And since we need to complete this one first to do the others, it seems that we can just sit on all of abyssal dungeon tier 2 reward for this weeks, which really sucks since we try to stay the same ilvl with our other friends…

If anyone have information on that we would greatly appreciate it

Region: Europe central
Server: Trixion
Name : Tacovador and Whiteyeas

Me too boys, tagging @Roxx because she might help to reset as it happens sometimes also in RU/KR these things. The dev/support team can reset if they want per character/account, also via a ticket ingame.

Server: Neria (EU)
Character Name : Demonempress


same problem here, got in into a raid group for Sea of Indolence and got teleported out. Can you look into this please?

Region: Europe central
Server: Sceptrum
Character name: Eightman

I just got the same bug.

Region: NA east
Server: Regulus
Name: Themexicanjoker

Same bug.
Region: EU Central
Server: Asta

Hello GMs,

Can we have a response from you on this issue? I am unable to progress this week at all because Sea of Indolence is mandatory to progress further.

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Server (EU): Sceptrum
Character: Eightman

Same happened to me with the same isntance it might be instance related. Got to the cutscene and right after that got ported out.

Server EuCentral (Asta)
Character: Mondglanz

Same Bug.
It would be cool if a Dev could reset the Lockout.
Name: Sonylarson
Server: Slen

Same problem.

Region: EU Central
Server: Neria
Name: Spiritia

Same Problem here

Region : EU Central
Server: Calvasus
Name : Konoegunli

Same on Sea of Indolence.

Server: Zinnervale
IGN: Achron
Time: 19:13 CET
Date: 18.02.2022

Same bug in Sea of Indolence

Region: EU Central
Server: Neria
Name: Ssangyong
Date: 19.02.22

Same bug in Abyssal Dungeon - Demon Beast Canyon

Region: EU Central
Server: Brelshaza
Name: Forts

same bug for me in Seas of Indolence

Region: EU central
Server: Zinnervale
Name: Alurin
Date: 19.02.22

plz fix

Same bug. Seas of Indolence
Region: EU Central
Server: kadan

Hello Stouffy, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Bugs and Localization Feedback” section to the English one.

Hey, same bug, seas of indolence @Roxx

Region: EU Central
Server Kadan
Name: Skyied

I just got the bug trying to enter Seas of Indolence and now I cannot do anymore abyss this week…wtf
Region: EU Central
Server: kadan
Name: Mayfenglee