Weekly Exp Rank question

So basically, I’m wondering if this resets every season, or can we build it up forever?

Pretty sure the tier XP rank does not reset. It’s like a character bound time rank kinda like classic wow. If it resets that would be aids.

Edit: actually I think it does reset. Alt k info says season 1. Guess it’s whatever.

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can someone please explain the whole tier exp system. I couldn’t find explanation anywhere. What does this minus exp mean? And what does this Final Xp (estimate) mean? Do you know if i can find somewhere full explanation of this sytem? I’ve never played WoW and i am not familiar. @Roxx

This grind is gonna be nuts.
I’m at top 5.30% with 23k points.

I’ve been pvp’ing as much as humanly possible outside of work/relationship/socialising etc
that’s alot of games and i’m not even a fraction of the way there lmao.

Completely stopped doing dailies, gearing etc just for this pvp season.
Boy i sure hope we get some good mats from this…Oh wait

Number 1 in EUW has 80 000 experience, :smiley: That’s must be 14 hours pvp daily

On my server im top 0.65% I was tier rank 1 at one point and now I’m rank 7 or 8 at 40k points. The people above me literally don’t sleep rank 1 through 3 have 65k points. I’ve been watching the updates and he has to be playing atleast 12 to 14 hours a day. F that. Down I go. The XP you get based on your Server rank instead of just flat points is stupid.