Weekly Gold Income Calculator

Hello Lost Ark Community,

I’ve made a spreadsheet to calculate how much gold your roster is able to generate per week.
All you have to do is check the content you’re eligible to earn gold from and keep doing that on every alt you have.

Weekly Gold Income for NA/EU
*Make a copy to be able to use the spreadsheet. File > Make a copy
**Please make sure to read the notes to know the assumptions I’m making.

This is how much gold I’m able to generate per week:

Almost 25k gold!


Il definitely make a copy of this for myself thank you!

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didnt think u’d need a calculator for this lol

a 1340 alt generates 1500 gold a week from abbys (u shouldnt buy chests)
a 1370 alt generates 1400 gold a week (ur buying the chest)

argos gives 800, 900, 1000 gold minus the chest cost and thats all u gotta know… anything else is rng based oand optional


What a stupid post.


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I need to discount the price of the chests after all Vykas and Valtan gates, how much do they cost each?
Sorry for bad english


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