Weekly gold limit

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As already written in the headline, this is about the weekly gold limit in Abyss Dungeon - Abyss Raid. If I complete, for example, with my main well of Oreha so Airas eye and Preveza of Oreha, so but at gold limit 2 / 6 should stand or do I see it wrong? Even with Argos Raid Phase 1 and Phase 2 is only 1/6 and I have had all completed.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s hella hard trying to read & understand your post

But assuming I did then weekly gold is per character, not instance. If you do all your weekly abyss on one character then it’ll say 1/6

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Every unique character is considered part of the weekly gold limit. For example: It will be 1/6 if I do an abyss dungeon on my main then it will be 2/6 if I do it on my alt sharpshooter. I can do all abyss dungeons on those characters as well.


The limit is for characters and not activities, you can clear everything and will recieve gold on the first 6 alts

The limit is also specifically for characters, it’s not per dungeon or anything.
If you do 2 T1 characters, 2 T2, and 2 T3, further characters can’t earn gold regardless of what tier they do.

If one of your six happen to go up a tier, you can get gold from that set of abyssals as well on them.

mouse over the Weekly Gold Limit and another window will popup and tell you which of your char has already part of Weekly Limit.

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do i have to take the highest dungeon for the first clear or is the gold reward the same?

This is not working as intended, I selected my 6 highest characters at the beginning of the week, and one of them now states the gold limit exceeded when attempting to join.


each charakter you earn gold with it will go up 1/6… you can earn gold with 6 different chars so take care with which you do ´content first which gives gold.

Edit: i didnt try out the new system marking charakters

BTW it says exceeded weekly gold limit when you used 6 different chars already. Look at the loot. is the gold still showing or not? Just show us a screenshot of the whole window