Weekly Guardian Raid Una's Task

This is just a proposed Quality of life change. I am not a Korean player or anything, so perhaps someone could enlighten me if this change would have major ramifications or not.

Guardian Raid Challenge currently: “Perform Soul Havest 6 times”

Proposed change: “Kill Guardians in a Guardian Raid 6-8 times”


The current state of the Guardian Raid challenge is that it has to be accepted 3 days prior to the end of the week to complete(Is this reduced with Rested exp souls?). However players may want to hold off on accepting weekly tasks in case they get a Boss Rush ticket/Cube Ticket, etc.

The proposed change would make it more in line with the Chaos Dungeon 60000 monsters killed(Which boils down to 6 chaos dungeons). This can be completed rather flexibly by either doing dailies, or infinite chaos. I increased the potential required guardians killed to make up for the added flexibility of the weekly task if it’s even required.

Upvote. The 3 souls requirement is tedious

Fyi, you can accept more than 3 weekly una task at the same time, but you can COMPLETE only 3. Therefore you can pick as many as you want ( unless they are not in the same category ) and choose the one you want to complete at the end of the week.

The only drawback is that you have to deal with the " quest completed " glowy button until the end of the week

I hope it help you and that i’m not mistaken

Ah, I suppose that is a better compromise. I didn’t consider that. I just found it odd it was one of the few weekly tasks that couldn’t be completed in a day (minus the sailing voyage). I’ll just start accepting it at the start of the week.