Weekly Guild Quest "Logging"


Does anyone know, how the weekly logging quest works?

It says i have to get Tree seeds and ive been logging alot time and did not get anything yet.

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Were you able to do this?

I’m also flabbergasted with what to do, same guild quest :smiley:

Nobody seems to know what this is form.

bump on this

Looks like they don’t exist, they are not in the storage part of inventory

So how to do the quest ?

Answer: You just need to chop the trees. It’s not actual “seeds”. Most likely an error. Just cut down 15 trees :slight_smile:

This is not true at all. No progress is made from simply logging.

You have to be level 50 and unlocked dailies for trade skills to count towards guild stuff


Oh dang… thanks for the heads up!

so what i did

guild → weekly tasks select the timber one → on the top right click Objective details and accept the quest from that window
As soon as i did that all i needed to do is chop trees
It’s rather a bit obscure but keep looking :slight_smile:

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I’m looking and I cannot see what you are refering too, we accepted this quest and there is like 5 of us and we’ve been chopping trees for two hours. Nothing.

Firstly you need to get Lv50 and make your way to North Vern by following the main questlines. Eventually you’ll get a quest there that unlocks the Una’s Tasks page, under the Adventure tab on the bottom right of your screen. (I think its a Roster quest? I don’t remember…)
Once you have completed this quest you can access daily, weekly and guild quests, if your guild posts any weekly quests you can accept them from there. for example, the weekly guild logging quest.


Were you lvl. 50 though?

I have all of those and it still doesn’t count.

What everyone seems to be missing, you need to be in the guild for at least two days to be able to do the weekly quests.

Alt+j to bring up the Una’s Tasks window, guild tab and accept the personal guild quest there. If you can’t bring up that window or find it you’re not there yet. After accepting it you will get a seed on each tree.

Once you unlock the Una’s Tasks at lv 50 you have to press Alt J and go to the Guild Request tab at the top of the screen then click the “accept” button, after that just cut down trees and you will eventually complete it. You can track the quest to see how many seeds you got