Weekly guild request not reset

Hello, logged in today. Our Gm gave out guild weeklys.

but, they present as repeat for me, they give no bloodstones. I haven not done any today. the only one giving bloodstones is the bossrush.

Hazardous waters and gineah coins say repeat.

is there some bug in guild weekly?

best regards.


Buoy quest is flagged as repeat for me even though we just had the weekly reset.


+1, at least for the Cube tasks, Boss Rush and dangerous waters work as expected.


Same bug here, i’ll get no sylmael bloodstones.

I also can’t get weekly quests i finished last week.

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Same here, also the PvP weekly says “The quest list has not been refreset yet” when I try to take it, and one guild task does not have bloodstones as if it has been completed already, several other people in my guilds have the same.


Same here, Both the Weekly Una’s are not able to be accepted (Quests have not been refreshed) and the Guild Weeklies are not awarding Bloodstones and state “repeat”

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Bump +1, On atleast one of my charracters 2x weekly guild didn’t reset cube/boss (no bs reward) and can’t accept more than 1 weekly una task. Trying to accept more results in “Quests have not been refreshed”.

On another char same guild I could accept everything normally.

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same here, weekly guild quest not reset as well

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Same here, gienah’s coins already shown as repeat.

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I am having the same issue with Una’s Weekly tasks, Guild Missions and the South Vern Weekly. It appears to be any weekly quest that was completed yesterday and is most likely due to the change of the reset to Wednesday.

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@Roxx @Shadow_Fox could you pass this on, it looks like it might be related to the weekly reset being changed, weekly tasks and guild tasks completed on wednesday (yesterday) are not available to be taken this week (weeklies) or do not have bloodstone reward (guild), the game seems to think they have already been completed this week.


Same here for 1 of my characters. I cannot accept the boss rush quest weekly Una’s with the error ‘Quest list has not been refreshed yet’ and the Guild Task for Boss Rush all show ‘Repeat’

This is accurate. It’s the only quest I did yesterday that’s bugged now

Message got passed on to the team

Looks like everything completed yesterday counts as this week due to the weekly reset changing to wednesday. +1 needs to be fixed

same bug here, the guild task shown as repeat NAE Azena

Can we get an official response for that, please?

Same issue for me on some of my main and alt quests

Ok, still no response, we should call it the Lost Week then.

Same. My co-op sailing quest says it’s already been done but I didn’t do it yet…