Weekly locked from Abyssal Dungeon that i havent done after server downtime

On my Abyssal dungeon, i got weekly entry count exceeded on Hall of the Twisted Warlord, after the server downtime, but i havent completed this dungeon. I havent done it so havent recived any rewards from this dungeon but im weekly locked from it.
So now i cant do: Hall of the Twisted Warlord and i cant do Hildebrandt Palace because i havent completed Preceding dungeon.

Same thing happened to me on US WEST Mari… cannot progress my main character for the entire week because I “failed” abyssal dungeon and cannot reenter cause server maintenance screwed me.

same here. got disconnected and took my entry. did not complete and locked out

Same thing here. I opened a ticket but there’s no way to follow the status of it.

Character: Baalzamon
Server: Kazeros
Abyssal Dungeon: Necromancers Origin

Same issue. I got screenshots and already did a post also. No answer till now btw.
Character: Warlockyn
Server: Kazeros
Abyssal Dungeon: Necromancers Origin