Weekly not resetting on any of my characters that have completed it

Hello, If I remember correctly, this one Chaos Dungeon weekly quest is disabled (always shown as “Completed”) as a part of combating bots.
I can’t find the official information at the moment but I found different forum thread about this recently.

EDIT: Found the official info, thought it was on the LA News page but it was a forum post.
Continuing the discussion from February Bot Prevention Measures Update:

EDIT2: It was also on the news page - First Anniversary Celebration Release Notes - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

Yes, this is the removed/disabled weekly.

For some of my characters it displays like that, it’s permanently disabled. With others, the whole task is removed from the list.

I would prefer it’s removed from all characters, because then the characters would have equal amount of missions and they would have the same tasks on same pages. Now I have to look more carefully particular when I’m selecting a cube task, as it can be on first page or second page.

(it’s inconvinience)

Thanks for sharing this info,

I have informed the team that the task still appears for some.