Weekly Reset Day Change

Does anyone know why we are moving the reset day for NA EAST to Wednesdays now instead of Thursday?

gives them more time when releasing patches to communicate with kr devs and fix bugs before the weekend


7 days is still 7 days, can you elaborate ?

thursday reset = friday in korea. weekends are off

Oh ok, thanks !

also, Wednesday is the no-event day (no gate-no world boss) it is a kind of chill day to start weekly quests, re-clears, etc.


ok reset on wednesday, that I get, I do not get if we reset on wednesday, why can’t we run raid on wednesday right after reset?

??? why wouldn’t you be able to

Is this change just one time deal or are we getting reset on Wednesday morning every week from now on?

It sounds like it will be the new normal.

I doubt it will really do anything.
AGS doing bad/no work all the days not just Thursdays.
Might even make it harder for them to release patch notes before patch.