Weekly reset day

Following the launch annoucement details has the weekly reset day being decided for the NA/EU servers?


afaik its gonna be EU UTC+1 , 1am, just google “utc +1 to local time” for your own time zone

Yea we saw that info but what day for the weekly


I thin @kossploss wanted to know the day of the reset, for the other regions it is wednesday, but for our regions it has not been announced yet. Iam also curious as i wrote in my thread, because wednesday would mean you cannot rush to 50 before the first reset. Hopefully @Roxx can clarify this for us :slight_smile:


Based on other games and the release of early access being a Tuesday. I would guess Tuesdays. But its a wild guess.

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Would also like to know.

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Thanks for responding so quickly!


Thx @Roxx for the quick response!

Who knew one word could be so powerful lol. :heart_eyes:

So, does this mean that players who have the 3-day Headstart will effectively gain one additional set of Weekly quests?

That is correct.

If you can level to 50, do your dailies, and somehow find enough time to knock out your weekly quests in the span of 16 hours (best case scenario based on NA West launch time), then go ahead and take your head start… you deserve it!

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If Head Start is Tuesday morning, and reset is 1:00am Thursday, then we basically have 36 hours for “Week 1”. I think that’s plenty of time to get an extra set of Weekly quests in.

You know what, you’re right. I was responding before I heard the news of a Thursday weekly reset. Ya you could do a round of weeklies in a day. Probably even collect some epona badges for some gold as well.

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Can you confirm again?

Patchnotes show Resets on Wednesday for some Content at 11 AM ( 10 AM US)

And Daily Reset for some Content 11 AM (10 AM US) daily.