Weekly Stronghold Quest Missing


Usually, after every weekly reset, after knowing that you have completed the 3 weekly stronghold quests prior, that you should be able to accept 3 new weekly stronghold quests pertaining to: dispatch, research, and feasts.

This week I was able to see dispatch and feast quests available, but research was missing (the icon wasn’t even available). I am aware that others are also missing one or the other (either feast, dispatch, or a combination of the 3). I have also checked accepted quests in the journal, and that weekly quest is not there either. Just a head’s up as I know this has affected other users.

Server: NAE Regulus

Thanks for your time!

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I think this is due to the short week. Any weekly quest, including South Vern, etc. that you completed yesterday is counting as completed this week and unavailable. I am missing the SH feast quest, which I completed yesterday.

I think is related to the weekly reset day change. Did you complete the quest on Wednesday?

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I completed most of my weekly stuff yesterday, so i can’t accept anything :S