Weekly Una Token Value SOLVED

It seems like my weekly Una token points are at the wrong amount. I am 1445 and is giving me 6 for my dailies and 0 for my weeklies. Anyone else getting that issue?

Hey there @SMG9000! We are sorry you’re experiencing this issue. Could I have your Character name and server, so that I can pass this on to our Development team for review?

Character is Aedilin (although it is on all my characters on my account) on the Zosma server of NAE. I am holding off from doing any Una’s tasks just to be safe.

Thank you for that information! This bug has been submitted for review. :grinning:

I have the same issue on bergstrom server NAW

Gotcha! Could I have your Character name as well?


Awesome, thanks! I will submit a report on your behalf as well. :grinning:

Appreciate it !

I have the same issue on NA/E Regulus. I’ve completed 21 quests across 7 characters and it has only given me 18 points.

You can only get 18 points per day from dailies. @SMG9000 2 points per daily is normal and how it has been since release.

Is it also normal for weeklies to give 0?

Have you completed a weekly today? Your screenshot only shows completed dailies.

Thanks for the help. I thought the number in the top left was how many points your Una tasks were. Turns out 5 months into the game you can still learn how to play this game