Wei spawn rate/time?

Sure it’s great some servers get a lot of Wei spawns, but what does it matter if you’re always asleep when they spawn??? Where are the day light Wei spawns? Why is it that players that sleep at night because they work during the day are being punished by literally ONLY night time Wei spawns. I’m legit curious, is the rate adjusted to be more likely for them to spawn at night because that’s when the most players are on? I’m on NAE Una and yes we have a lot of spawns but like I said they’re almost always between the hours of 10 pm CST and 7 am CST. I sleep during that time. We have been lucky to have 5 spawn in the past week and I’ve missed every single one due to them ALL being in that time span.

Its all rng mate. The same way you had 5 spawn on your server in one week where other servers have had 2 in a month+. The wandering merchant has a low chance of having wei to begin with then throw in the fact that of his 12 spawns 8 of them would be in time frames that work against you albeit over night or early morning during working hours doesnt help