Weird AGS take about western vs korea

I didn’t expect “cultural difference” between west & korea is the excuse AGS will use to alter content or feel the need to make it different. But seeing how things are going in bad direction in terms of missing content & skins.
I think it’s better to go play on KR & RU to get the same experience.
NA/EU is done for.


the problem i have with them altering content is that they create a mess and bring bugs.
if new world is something to speak on amazon has crap level programmers/coders.

is best they stay away on trying to modify code in the game or else they would just break it.

seriously they have a patch to fix daylight savings and look they cant even do that properly.

I don’t know about that, smg can’t even automate server transfer so i would assume it’s their shitty code instead. You would have to have a really terrible architecture to do a table transfer manually. But then they are adding content regularly so i think one of their team shit the bed for the rest of their developers.

blame the offended wokers

They made it more hardcore for us. Coz u know westerners love gambling.

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