Weird bug with wow and lost ark

the game force closes itself after about 5-10 mins if you have world of warcraft and lost ark open at the same time. To make this happen you need open world of warcraft first then you open lost ark so something is forcing it to close when playing both games open but only when you open wow before lost ark not vice versa just a weird bug wanted to bring it to your attention.

LOL…try opening FF14 aswell and guildwars 2. might help

OP needs a proper game running at the same time to distract themselves from playing Lost Ark.

On a more serious note. I have at least heard that people can’t run Black Desert Online and Lost Ark at the same time, but that happens due to a conflict in the 2 instances of Easy Anti-Cheat. Which WoW doesn’t use, unless I’m mistaken.

Still might be something EAC related though, because it’s a buggy mess.