Weird Hair Bug on Martial Artist

This hair on martial artist F is all weird when you zoom out.
(right click and press open in new tab to get a fuller view of the images if you need to see more clearly the issue I’m talking about.)

Zoomed in, this is how my hair looked upon customizing

Zoomed out, it’s like it’s not even the same hair. Honestly it looks really bad. Like a black blob on my head where I’m slightly balding instead of the proper blonde/black with the ‘swoosh’.

Don’t know how fixable this is, or if it even takes priority. But I’d be PISSED if I paid money to change how my character looks, then get in game, and it does this. Luckily, this is a new character, so I will just simply remake. But I don’t feel this game should have this level of low quality in character models.

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Yes, I have the same exact hair and this problem too. It needs to be fixed! The white part of the hair is bugged and not showing proprely when fully zoomed out!

I have exactly the same issue. Can’t fix it even when playing with video settings.

When zoomed out:

When zoomed in:

Welcome to my life. My paladin’s hair (mostly the beard) also changes color on zoom out and zoom in in certain scenarios.

So… Any fixes? No?