Weird New Bug Since Patch

Weird new issue since patch…

This has happened to me twice. I pick up an item and cannot put it down, I have to go to the character screen and relog to fix it.


this happened to me after i bought the entrance chest from the guild vendor :frowning: but the post probably belongs in the bugs section of the forums :slight_smile:

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it seems lots of things can get stuck on the mouse. I had the party window get stuck while in boss rush and it stops you from moving as well. Had to alt f4 cause you can’t click any menu either

@Roxx another bug to add to the list

You don’t need to tag Rox, the dev knows about this one now.

I dont see it anywhere on the dev tracker. I think its fair to make sure it doesnt slip through the cracks :slightly_smiling_face:

I posted it in Bugs and a moderator sent it up…

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Had this happen to me once as well.