Weird sound changes since todays patch

I am experiencing sound problems, mostly in gate 1 of valtan where I was getting only the sounds of some abilities no sound from the boss no in game music or atmospheric noises. Then on gate 2 when you get past the first mechanic with the orbs and he breaks the arena away the only sound for the rest of the fight was just wind noise but extremely loud. No character noises skill noises etc.
Now I switched to another character and did other raids vykas etc and no issues but the same thing happened again in valtan.
Then I switched to a low level character and I am doing the T2 tower and I have the heartbeat sound happen when i get low health. but it never went away. after getting the sound a few times its not gone away but they are now offset from each other so it sounds like i have a stampede of horses in my ear constantly. this has carried on even after i left the tower and I am in kalaja
I have restarted the game and it happened again.
I believe also as I was killing some of the bosses in the first few floors of the t2 tower I was seeing a strange box or an effect above the bosses head as it would despawn as well which looked out of place as I have done it now 9 times and never seen it before.

same here. but since last patch before this. there wass already this issue.

Hey there, Swarf! What sound pack are you using?

What sound pack are you using as well?

none. just default one. It start happening since the last patch before this day. so idk. well its all goo. its just bit annoying thats all. like getting ear-raped over and over w/ phase 1-phase 2 argos musics at the same time. + add the music from the rock boss guy so its tripple things happening at once.

just the default one. I am in uk if it makes any difference

yes this exactly

Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks for letting me know you’re using the default one as well. Some players were having issues with the korean VO.