Welcome Challenge Fomona Island not completing

In the Welcome Challenge > Collectibles > 19 - The Famona Island Lady
it asks me to complete the [Quest] The Lyre of Love. I have already completed
it according to my quest journal but I can not get the Reward of the Challenge and
it still shows 0/1

Do it on another gender character. Hurry before this post gets swarmed with “same issue” instead of doing this fix.

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Thank you for the tip, I will give it a try later.

No problem. 100% works I promise. I, as well as others, have tried spreading the word but people don’t want to do extra work, they’d rather just post the generic “same issue toon name and server”

To be fair, calling this a solution is a stretch :smiley: More like a workaround.
Much better than what the Chat “Support” (undeserved name) told me though
as their first request was to close the game and “verify file integrity”, yeah right.
Not to mention I play on a server that has an hour or more long queue even
at this time. Absolute embarassment.

Who knows if this is intentional or not. I’ve seen more secret things in this MMO in 2 weeks than I have in other MMOs I’ve played for 10 years.

Either way, good luck in getting those materials. :slight_smile: