Welcome Challenge icon missing

Have a few challenges still left, and just completed one that should give me reward (first time killing new field boss).

But noticed on upper right corner where Welcome Challenge icon/graphic normally is, it is now missing. So can’t open screen to see what challenges left, claim reward for just done, etc.

Can’t find any hotkey or way to open this welcome challenge screen without clicking on icon/graphic, which is now missing.

Tried relogging char, different char, exit client, restart steam and computer but no help. Welcome Challenge icon/graphic is permanently missing for my roster.

Other ppl online tell me they still see it, so any way to open this screen without clicking graphic?

Ah right i dont have it too. Maybe move this to bug section or @roxx is this a bug right now?

Im lucky that i have all welcome challenge, but the icon for the wekend login is missing too

i have the same prob

still having this prob

I still see it lol

It’s there for me.


still having this issue… any ideas?

So, any news? lol

Mine disapeared when I finished the last mission. Are you sure you didn’t complete it?

Well I’m finished now, but at the time made this thread - yes am sure was some kinda bug.

I hadn’t done 1st time kills on number of field bosses. Mostly the lower level ones because had leveled so fast I was beyond those tiers and figured I’d go back when I was OP.

So 100% if the challenge icon is supposed to be there until all welcome challenges done, then it bugged out because I had signatus and 2 other lower tier field bosses not done. Went bad recently and got those - my adventure tome showed not killed and now all killed.

Maybe some kinda bug associated with fever time because the icon disappeared just when fever time first launched.