Welcome Challenge, not giving reward after completion Fomona island

As the title says, the welcome challenge gave the rewards to my friends, but not to me after we completed the same quest.

Ive seen similar posts where you appear to solve these kinds of problems;

See screenshot of quest log showing both heart and completed quest yet i cant claim the reward.

Server: Kadan
Character: Kair

EDIT: See this post for more detail, it seems to be an issue spesific with Fomona island


I have the same problem. In another post they speculated that it only works for female characters.

Server: Una
Character: Vez

Me too. I completed the whole Yudia quest, but no reward. I even completed every sidequest, but no reward neither.

Server: Inanna
Ch: Ooltimecia

Same problem here.

Server: Kazeros
Ch: Luluxa

Same problem here.

Server: Kazeros
Ch: Furiousss

Same problem here.

Server: Asta
Ch: Aspenray

I thought the hotfix would fix it?

Server: Kazeros (SA)
Ch: Energy

Same problem ! fix possible plz ?

Serveur : Zinnervale
Ch : Bunsee

Guys, a way around this is to create a female alt and do the quest at Fomona Island with it. The quest is different for male/female characters and you can get the reward from it.

Same, fix it plz

Don’t they realize that this is a serious problem? I can’t get 2000x Fragment. This puts me back. Sv: Kadan
Char: Lesques

same here, need fix pls

Server: Asta
Char: Jow

Server Asta
Char Dubyo

exactly the same issue. cannot get the rewards.

Same issue
Eu Zinnervale
Name : Hiallt

Same issue here
Eu Kadan
Name : Raijulotus

Same problem here.

Server : Kadan
Character : Exê

Same here.

Server : Thirain
Character : Omucuoaia

Same Problem.

Server: Una
Character: Pingass

Same problem here.

Server: Beatrice
Character: Acryxis

Same issue

Server: Asta
Character : Cavello