Welcome Challenge not recognizing Fomona Island Completion

Hi there, it seems the 19th welcome challenge does not recognize the completion of the Fomona Island.

I’ve completed the quest “The Lyre of Love” and have also received the island token as well but it seems that under the welcome challenge it does not update and am unable to receive the rewards.

Provided is a screenshot showing:

  • Completion of the quest “The Lyre of Love”
  • Island token obtained for Fomona Island
  • Progress of the welcome challenge not being updated

My character IGN is Gordo in Avesta (NA East)




I have this same issue; I’ve completed the quest but I did not get credit. It’s rather disappointing since the challenge gives gear progression materials for Tier 2.

Please fix! killing progression :frowning:

Have this problem too, please fix

Same for me :’(

Same issue on my character. I would probably be in tier 3 if I got it working :’(

same problem here

I’ve the same issue.

Smae here. There is rumor - u need to finish this quest with Female and Male character?!

Same here, rumor said the reward can’t be claimed by a Male character but all Female character have no problem to claim the reward.

Same bug here.

Server: Kazeros.
Character: Moscher.

i did this quest whit a male and female character and now i can claim the reward

Yea so it seems the “temporary” solution around this is to have a Female alt do the quest on the island and accept the Welcome Challenge reward back on your main

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