Welcomeback ROXX!

@Roxx Hope u had great vacations, welcomeback i´m pretty sure many of us missed you a lot!!


Yeah welcome you can get back to lying again as you did with the honing changes and the no powerpass for scouter. Bless your soul!


there is a powerpass xD and everyone that said there wasn’t get trolled on lol

hmm nah just go read the patch notes lol

why so negative omg… there are the patch notes.

any chance we could get a comment on the change of server name for the EUC merges? @Roxx

Here you go

We are switching up some of the names – forgive me for not knowing exactly which ones were which as I’m still catching up a bit, but they should be updated in the details article.


will captcha be enabled in this update?

Nope, the system hasn’t been fleshed out for use yet unfortunately

do we know the size of the patch?

Dear CMs we need informations - #17 by hasan99999ss No please stay banned. It should be a permaban if anything for lying and supporting rmt/bots and fking over the game economy.

good don’t use it