Well bots are back........ again...... sigh

vern chaos dungeon back as usually

bots running around

not even 1 day lol


Yea, that’s how long it takes for the programmers to fix and update the bots after a regular maintenance. It just means that a regular maintenance is not the way to fix the bot problem unless we want SG to do maintenance every night.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up unless SG does a real fix for bots.


Gonna use this as an opportunity to bump our recent post – Regarding Bots in Lost Ark


I was out harvesting and surrounded by bots. At least they were polite and walked away when i went after their nodes. Was noonish, est. Just me…and bots.

have a screen shot??

U KEEP IGNORING the problem where players are SUPPOSED to get TRUSTED STATUS but they NEVER did. U never adress that problem WHY !!!
we are here stack some of us above two months without being able to use ingame mail proplerly.


Yeah seems so theres zerk train in vern again

Changed the reward structures of quests and events to add a stronger deterrent against using bots to farm gold.

Aw, I hope you didn’t lower gold from Adventure Islands or other events that the players enjoy. Didn’t realize bots even do these. Gold is already hard to come by. :tired_face:


As long as no server queue on weekend that is my real player gauge of bots… last week was alright~ish
Will see how it goes this week… but it was good for a while I mean imagine playing Lost Ark without seeing multiple random name teleporting in open world map

sounds like something u should go contact costumer service instead of all caps in the forums lmao

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Yep you guys tried. :rofl:

Well see how it goes in a month when you finally try again.

Refusing to fix the root cause of the problems and core mechanics to remove it.

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stop yelling at the CM lmao. What is Roxx supposed to do? Fix it herself?


Did she try unplugging and plugging it back in again?


Everyone thinks they have the solution but they don’t even have the slightest inkling of the big picture when it comes to actual practice. Thanks for the update, Roxx. I can update my algorithms now.

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Exactly, all the RMTers are still there


Roxx earlier literally said they are working on solutions, banning some bots yday and today wont stop them. Give her a break. Theres no permanent solution against bots

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mental illness


I’m just surprised there aren’t just people flowcharting the ideas before implementation. They just do it and have a surprised pikachu face if it doesn’t work and move to another thing. In most cases, the people running bot farms aren’t gonna just let free money go away.

The solutions have to be realistic and hit at multiple different levels to the point where the average person deciding to buy RMT is in complete fear of repercussions enough to be deterred.

If AGS manages to finish or make bots ineffective they will deserve a medal of honor because every game has these damn bots.

I come here to congratulate them for their transparency on the subject, making even an official post about it pointing out the progress. Many games I played with these damn bots the developers just ignored like if they was going to desappear by magic. +1 AGS. Keep the war on. I believe your team can win!!! (ง’̀-'́)ง