Well done Amazon

I’m the first guy to criticise bad dev choices, but I’m very happy with the changes you’ve made in this team update.

There is still more work to be done, but this is definitely a step in the right direction, keep it up guys.


100%, the forums have been super vitriolic (as always perhaps) and credit needs to be given where credit is due. The decisions made for this patch are great, and a one week delay is a cost I would gladly incur if it means incorporating player feedback. We haven’t had queues for a week now - they’ve been making a real (this time visible) effort against bots.

Thanks for having our backs and tanking all the flame on the forums!


Agreed. I was mad at first because I wanted legendary skins (Ape brain), but after taking a step back and thinking about it - Amazon has sacrificed short term revenue for the long term health of the game. They could have made huge amounts of money abusing people with psychological weaknesses to these GACHA systems. But they chose not to.

That shows they are actually in this one for the long-run, which has impressed me.


Confirmed date for the update
1460 Stronghold Research
Removal of Yoz’s Pay2RNG Jar
Free mats
Free Mokoko Skins
Box of honing mats for $$ for people that wanted that

It’s a pretty solid W

The only semi-L is the postponement of the legendary skins debut. But if it means no Yoz’s Jar, I can wait. Besides, it’s not like it’s a big deal to anyone since it’s just cosmetic items with pretty much no other benefit.


I like that they decided against including Yoz’s Jar in the update, or rather I don’t like the lootbox aspect of it and that they can be purchased only with royal crystals. So good job on that one. I do hope to see those skins available in another form, perhaps being purchasable with blue crystals at some point.

The way the June update is worded, makes me think it was SG’s decision not to include the 1460 Stronghold honing buff.


Don’t forget about the bots, they did something to the client and now we don’t have queues and we have way less bots, they also banned RMTers (not everyone tho) so it’s a W for the whole month tbh