Well I guess...its fine xD

My mm q times are less than 30 seconds 95% of the time on anything in t3. Who cares as long as you have low q times…

250k 24h peak. Even with some bots thats pretty good

You know that when your guild will be the only players of the game because normal people can’t find players to play the game will shutdown for you as well, right?

I do notice a lot fewer bots for the past two days tho

That’s why pugging is so hard haha.

This game is really going down eh

It’s 2022 and people are still shocked that it takes around 6-8 months to bleed overhyped players with unrealistic expectations that would drop out of the game anyway and to form community that’ll stick around for longer. Even 50K is plenty of people in todays market when every 2 weeks or every month you can see releases that are shifting casual players to not only different titles, but to totally different game genres. If you think that game is dead if it has less than 500K-1M then you are heavily detached from reality, there never was any point behind looking at such numbers as in most cases you won’t encounter more than 1 or few % of total people in the game.

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It is still 140k (with a lot of bots) on 5 regions & 50+ servers.

So what? Server merges are going to help with problems that are related to low pop servers, the rest would be still pretty much irrelevant.

You do know that partyfinder and the auction house are region wide right? The mergers arent going to do anything to improve the situation. Its just going to put dead servers in with less dead and thats it.

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started south vern story today
there are alot of people doing the story on the map, its alive, and not with bots for a change, feels like a different game, so yeah, there are new players still

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Did I said anything about party finder or mm? I refered to server tied content, also I haven’t noticed too much issues with finding people on PF for my 6 characters while playing on “dead region”

I can also see a lot of new and returning players in past few weeks

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Yup, no bots here too in SA, bot banwave has been nice in here.

Thats what ppl say all the time. Yet all the games i play that ppl claim would die are still ongoing for 7 years +

No, not the scouter, the REAPER in November is the real hope, all eggs into November basket.

Well, LA is one of those games whose playability solely depends on the numbers. If you haven’t figured that out by now have you even been playing the game.

Don’t worry about the player base. The population will rise when we get artist next year. There will be returning players and new players when it comes. More importantly most of the artist players will be the current players that still play Lost Ark and with bots as well the numbers will be there. Just hold on to the copium and wish for ayaya to save the day.

Half a million people constantly playing PC game? What is this? 2006 that people are group in just few multiplayer titles because of lack of choice? Do you realize that such numbers were achieved over longer period of times only few titles? On top of that MMO these days is completely niche genre, PC gaming is the smallest market if you compare that to both mobile and consoles. Back there people used to play MMO games much more just simply because concept of playing game with other people outside of lan or hot seat was a new and exciting experience.

Not having any issues with party finder or matchmaking so “Shrug”

100k is about right for such a raid heavy game.