Well, I was hoping this won't happen, but

First of all, English is not my mother language, so don’t be mad at me if i’m not writhing correctly.

I’m from SA server and started on release (the free one, not the paid one) with 8 friends (Yorin, Anubis, Xinelao, Danilox, Lucase, Borghi, EstouTriste and Murloc. Remember this). We was planning on creating a guild and raiding, getting to late game togheter and all, but… We couldn’t. One of us started on Kazeros server (Xinelao) whereas the rest of us on Arcturus server, since character creationg was disabled on Kazeros.

Well, since Xinelao said he’s ok on Kazeros with his new guild, we kinda let him be.

In this part, Borghi, EstouTriste, Danilox and Lucase got away from us because of full time work.

Well, still 5 people, right? What can go wrong?

As game was going on, we leveled together and the Siege quest was Fun AF, the Demon legion
raiding and then the plot on the priest… The game was just the best, the greatest of all times for us.

And then, we got to level 50 and started growing ilvl, and… The honing system started.
The T1 chances are for sure high, but… They really need to fail here? I mean, no one of my friends was thinking of T1/T2 as “real” content, just tutorial. But even so, 2 of them got stuck on T1 for weeks. ON TUTORIAL, FOR WEEKS.
The sad part is that some of us was really enjoying the game, the Abyss, T2 islands and raids and some of us could just listen to it on discord and fail consecutively on 70%, 80% or 90% honing attempts and getting stucked on low tiers. After a lot of fails and sadness, some of our friends stopped logging in daily or playing with us at all. The day that only I was online on guild made me quit Arcturus and Start on Kazeros with Xinelao, who was already at T3.
I said to Anubis, Yorin and Murloc that i was going to Kazeros, until they got to my ilvl on Arcturus, but that never happened, since they also wanted to go to kazeros and start again.
Sad part os that they only started to play after 10 days, when character creation was open again on Kazeros, and at that time I was 1070 ilvl, basically.

In this part, Anubis and Murloc don’t even got to 50 anymore.

Well, still 3 people, right? What can go wrong?

Since then, I was logging on main and 5 alts daily for chaos, raids and Una’s Tasks until i got to T3. I work full time job, but i was spending ALL MY FREE TIME on this game, because it’s just perfect.
Xinelao got another alt on T3 and was planning to change mains from Gunslinger to Sorcerer and Yorin was trying to reach T2.
But today, after failing honing consecutivelly until pity from +6 to +9, i realised that i wasn’t enjoying the game anymore. The game became just a slot machine, where we put all our hours of effort into nothing. My time wasn’t respected at all, because think about it: The chance is above 50% and still taking me 3 to 4 days to upgrade one level of my gear. Is this supposed to be this hard? We got no material sources at all, basically only chaos+raid daily go get only 2 to 3 chances and all of them fail on the first honings of the first gear of T3.

The system is rigged towards one thing: Getting our money.
To pass from 1330+ to 1370 will take us at least about 3 weeks of daily grinding if lucky on honing, while people that paid for 1370 is already farming their gear to Legion raids, we will be upgrading a meaningless set to get GS to do outdated content. Is it worth? Our time costs so low? Why spend 1 day farming when i can just work overtime and pay for 10x more grind?
I really can’t find an answer to this and here i am, venting my sadness of deleting the game over a post.
Really sorry for this, but i kinda needed a break from the frustration.
Maybe i will try the RU or Korean version someday.


Welcome to the ranks, brother. Sometimes it’s better to be a quitter.


join the club brother.


oh no youre the only one thats failed honing. poor you man.
everytime you kill a boss in other games are you guaranteed to get loot? no.

not sure what your expectation of a korean mmo was. but it seems like you are just way over your head and dont have any mmo experience. its okay little guy log off and go play my little pony online.

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just to give you a perspective on t3 weapon upgrade from +14 to +15 costed some guy around 2k$
so most people that p2w, payed A LOT for high ilvl and there is not that many of them.

Also you dont really lose progress when you upgrade your blue gear and swap to legendary later, do you ?

take it slow you dont need to rush 1370.

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You have to assume every upgrade is going to require pity level materials wastage when you calculate how long things will take. Then, if you get lucky and get an upgrade prior to pity kicking in, it’s a win, like a bonus.

At this stage, if you do keep playing, it’s best where you are to do daily content, get mats and sell them, and buy blue crystals. They’re going to do something to address the situation. Honing rates, more mat sources, something. And until they do that something, it makes sense to stop honing for now, across the board.

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just got artisan 100% on a 30% chance… its very sad.

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Really is, tbh