Well known issue

So I like many other people have been waiting for this launch for months and i’ve been looking forward to playing the game like many others i bought a founders pack to play the game early.

I got in at launch and made a character on zinnervale and everything was amazing, then i had to go because I had school the morning after. So anyways the day after i come home from school at 14:50 and i open the game and log in and im put in que as i expected i was number 8490 in the que, 7 hours later i finally got in and played for a bit and then i had to go because again i had school the morning after, so i log off and shut down my pc. The day after i come home and do the same thing, turn my pc on and enter the game, this time im number 19853 in the que and i joined the que at 15:28 and when i finally got in the time was 22:47 again i waited 7 hours in que.

So my point with all this is, that so far i have spent more time in que then actually playing the game… and in all this time I’ve seen one post about the servers and that was about the NA servers.

Its a really big let down to pay for something to be able to play before those that dont buy the founders pack.

All im trying to say is… I did not buy a founders pack just to wait in que.