Well Well Totaly Not Bots

Nothing u have not see boys its just we are losing the war against the bots and our leader the Amazonians are not doing anything they can be banning bot accounts every days not every weekly reset after the reset u got maximum 2 days to play and your locked out for the weeks cuz bots this number is geting bigger and bigger every day its fine i wont play i just wanted my login reward whatever…

the amazonians, man you cracked me up. The game is gonna die, its ags, just let it go

7am. just trying to get my attendance rewards man. as im gonna be gone for most of the day for work.

Ye if we dont cry more we lose the game if you find a guy who is boting just beat his ass :smiley: im very disapointed im gona go out and drink some beers and forget about it!

“Is there any way we can enhance your queue experience? Should we bring back the seagulls?”

Maybe AGS should put a pk system at least we could have fun killing bots

Yes please and bring some beer so i can get drunk watching this screen :smiley:

AGS really needs to implement a security code authorization system.