Welp I guess I don't get to play

All my friends bought the headstart but I wasn’t gonna be able to play much until this weekend so I decided to hold off. Now I won’t be able to create a character on Una where they are all playing. I am not gonna create a character on a server that my friends aren’t on so I guess I just have to wait until the “indefinite” lock is lifted and who knows how long that will be.


You can play with friend’s reguardless of what server you are on, as long as its same region.

Oh yeah? What specifically can you do(and not do) together across server?

You can do just about everything (chaos dungeons, PvP, abysall dungeons, abysall raids, legion raids, etc) the only things you wouldnt be able to do together are things that are specific to the server like world bosses or an island event.


Just wait a day.

They said they’ll provide more information to “the handling of this complex situation” later this day. I guess they’ll go for the New World route and announce to bring servers transfers a 2 weeks from now.

So you can start somewhere else and later transfer.

But ofc I only supsect this, I do not know. Just wait for more information before being dissapointed.

Are you able to quest together?

You cant be in the same guild, and you cant do all those fun activities. So thats a dealbreaker for me. Dont lock or I have to refund. Simple

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I don’t think this is the case. You can’t add friends from a different server means you cannot team up with them beforehand. For all dungeons and PVP things, you won’t be able to play with your friends unless you get really lucky that the system matches you and your friends together.

You waited 3 days, whats a few more. Wasn’t important enough for you to drop 20 bucks so its not important enough for the 700k people who spent money to deal with f2p players locking up our servers that already have massive ques.

While i sympathize, Amazon made the right call. Sorry.

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Oh I would have paid for the headstart if I knew this was gonna happen but they didn’t give enough time to make that decision.

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In my case I didn’t have free time till today. Now I’m happy I didn’t pay ahead of time because I would have been stuck today.


You waited 3 days, whats a few more.

It would be fine if it ends up being a few more days, but I suspect this may take weeks or even months to sort out.

Wasn’t important enough for you to drop 20 bucks so its not important enough for the 700k people who spent money to deal with f2p players locking up our servers

The issue for me is that this was never listed as an included benefit of the Founder’s pack. On Steam the Bronze Founder’s pack includes four things:

  • 3-day Head start
  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet
  • Founder’s Title
  • 30 days of Crystalline Aura benefits

Nowhere does it indicate that the Founder’s pack also grants players a premium status tier above f2p players, entitling them to their own servers. The $14.99 Bronze pack didn’t offer anything that I wanted, and I wasn’t planning to play until release day, anyhow. If protection from server locks was listed part of the offering I would have gladly bought it.

What’s more, the servers are already locked, so even if I bought it now and paid the same price as other Founder’s pack players, I would be in the same position.

While I understand why they did this, it’s really a shame for all of us who now have no option to play with our friends.

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I agree - the notification timing is the worst part. One of my friend’s partners would have paid up the money if she knew it was a choice between being locked out of his server and paying money.

Here are the things you can’t do with someone cross server:
Guilds / Guild vs Guild
Friends Lists
Open World / Questing
Visiting Strongholds
Life Skilling

Here are the things you can do together by using the yellow bubble at the top left to create a chat room with them:
Platinum Fields
Auction House Trades
Boss Rush
PvP Arena


I bought a founders pack and didn’t get time to download/play until tonight after work. Servers already locked and can’t play with friends/guild.


I wish I hadn’t paid. I literally bought the game an hour before the lock was announced. By the time I downloaded and booted the game up after buying the founder’s pack expecting to play with all my friends, I see the server is locked.

So I did pay, but still got screwed? Or is the excuse now I wasn’t willing to pay 20 bucks yesterday so now it’s on me?


You must not have seen what a mess New World became with server transfers. Its been 5 months and they just started them back up this week. It was a complete nightmare and still is.

Honestly hilarious. I left New World because of all of it’s issues. Had no clue Amazon had their grubby fingers on this game and then found out tonight the hard way.


You’re in an extremely small minority of players that purchased a pack in an incredibly small window of time. Sorry to hear about that, but it’s still for the best.

There is no excuse.

The servers are most likely locked due to characters already created on the server. Similar to how FFXIV handles it. (FFXIV does open up character creation when the population dies down, but that’s sometimes for a one hour time span. Go get the game and try to make a character on one of the high pop realms after 5:00 pm. You cannot).

They opened up the servers two days ago. They had 500,000 people playing on a few servers. Those servers had massive queues (some still do).

There are plenty of servers that you can create characters on. Allowing more people onto the server is just going to add more queues to the folks who are there. It would be a nightmare.

Folks on the Zimmervale realm are experiencing 15,000 queues which take upwards of six hours. How is that fair to those players to open up those servers? The queues may get up to ten or twelve hours…

What happens when you join your friends server and now instead of playing together at night, you’re sitting in a ten hour queue? Will you be on the forums telling them to open up new servers so others will leave?

Sorry to say it, but I’m going to paraphrase an old WoW saying from the Blackrock server. “Zimmervale is full, please get out.”

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The problem is how the founders pack works. Losing 3 days of progress is one thing that I can see many players would probably be willing to lose to play with friends. Losing 20-100$ isn’t.