Welp I guess I don't get to play

Again, your dreaming if you believe your locked server won’t have a sharp population decline and with no transfers available and unlocking not an option, I don’t see how this doesn’t spell disaster for the future of the game.

Well, thankfully much of the content in the game is cross-server. I play on the Azena server, we had queues for the first day and I believe the second day. However they increased the server capacity massively and haven’t had any queues.

I think Azena is the third most populated NA east server?

Yet if they opened up character creation on these servers, they may see a spike in queue times due to them already having lots of characters on them.

It may not be the best solution, but FFXIV takes a similar approach.

I agree with op, this is stupid … lots of people can’t play with friends now because of this. Or lose all their unlocked stuff when they remake on a new server w/ friends…

Give queue priority to coddle ppl who bought founders, and let anyone who wants to sit in queue to join them do it…


Think the only option is to temp open servers tomorrow. None of the new f2p players without friends are going to choose the full servers–the vast majority will go to the green servers.

queue priority isn’t a bad idea actually, but I have a feeling it’s something upwards of 50-75% of players with friends they can no longer play with because of this bad call

we literally just went through this with endwalker and it was fine to queue, it sucked, but you find a chunk of the day the queue isn’t so bad and it was fine, inconvenient, but at least we didn’t get separated from our friends and significant others

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Queue priority won’t solve anything. Lots of people are complaining that their F2P friends won’t be able to join them.

Queue priority just means their F2P friends can make a character, but will be in the back of the queue.

sure, getting stuck in line for a few hours sucks, but locking out all of our f2p friends isn’t really a solution, it’s an admission of defeat.

people can deal with being in queue for a few hours, it’s not the end of the world. but locking out your significant other or best friend or guild, or the ten or so friends who were waiting, that’s unacceptable

think a mixture of priority and temp reopening servers a few times this weekend is the best damage mitigation strategy we can hope for in the near future

You do realize some folks only have a “few hours” to play per day, right?

If someone is getting home from work and they can play for three hours and two of those three hours is sitting in a queue, that’s not a very good experience I imagine.

The EU servers are getting absolutely hammered. It is not fair to those players to have to wait in a longer line so others can play with their friends.

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when FFXIV had those kind of queues (and during work days i only had 3-4 hours) since i work from home i would open the game an hour or 2 before eos and then by the time im done it would be rdy for me to go in and play. not everyone can do that granted. but i really dont want to sit in a queue after work and only get to play for minutes or maybe an hour. i feel for people who dont have a long time. I also got up early AM to be able to play a bit. Some cant do that or have kids.

It depends on the server load, my server that was locked only had a queue of 4k and it took about 20-30 mins. I hear there are some that are facing queues of 20k plus, and ya that sucks, but it doesn’t have to ruin it for everyone else.

As for everyone who works, like most of my friends and guild and SO, we just logged in right when we got home and were on an hour before dinner.

Now to lock the server down so you can get 20 hours of gameplay in during your workweek seems a bit much. You can, however play a few hours a day, then you log on a bit earlier on the weekend and get in right away.

And on friday, you login at 8-9pm and also have no queue.

If you haven’t seen the news, they’re allowing people who bought the packs to get a new pack on a new server.

So everyone who wants to play together can. You do lose a bit of progress though.

I am in the same boat, tried to make a char for GF but shes locked out as for the lacking f2p player for our guild. Now they wont be able to join us. #refundandneverlookbackthanksAGSagain

No they didn’t. Sit down.

Same here, I’m just not gonna play at all though, by the time they unlock the servers I won’t be able to catch up to friends. No point in playing this game anymore, mmo’s are about playing with friends, this lockout just killed the game.

There is a option to create groups for these activities, your friends just have to que for the group you create and then you accept them into the party, this is a region wide feature not server only.

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This lockout killed nothing.
It may have killed your ambition to play the game (At least for now) but all those comments are so ridiculous.

Yes, it sucks for a lot people.
Yes, transfers would be nice.

No, the lock HAD to happen - At least for the first few days, till they can see how much players have joined.

How do you think the situation would be if they did not lock? For both founders AND new players. There was no other way.

I could imagine that they remove it in a few days or a week, when most new players have settled and a couple of old ones left.

It sucks, I know. I’d be mad too. But just chill out, wait a few days, and see what happens.
You can lvl quite fast in this game and when the next patch comes they’ll probably make the “old” content progression faster.

Btw: You can also do Raids and PvP with friends from other servers. Just islands,guilds and that stuff is server exclusive.

It killed the game for a lot of people, queues are normal in every MMO launch for the last 25+ years I’ve been playing them, if people want to sit in a queue to play with their friends let them.

Locking people out is only causing people (like me) to just uninstall and go meh next game, plenty of others out there. I’m replying because you specified me out of all the people saying it’s shit, but I and many others just won’t be playing, I’m glad you can enjoy it because you’re in and don’t care but for those who had friends they planned on playing with this weekend the game is dead to them now, I’d say the overwhelming mass threads/posts/tweets/etc from people saying how bad a choice this is would prove that.

Only ones who think it’s fine are people who are already in with their friends playing.

I play an mmo to play with my friends in all aspects so yeah it’s dead, I’ve uninstalled and requested a refund from steam, have a good one mate.