Went to EUW still got issues?


I started Lost Ark today, went and did like 3 Quests and I wanted to do a Dungeon ( lvl48 DNG )… What happened is the Matchmaking button went silent, i couldnt click on it anymore. The only button remaining was the ENTER alone which I decided to do. WORST DECISION EVER… When I entered the DNG everything was ok for like 30 sec, then i received a yellow text where it said there was an ERROR. Everything imediatly froze and I got kicked out. I tried logging back in and got stuck in the DNG with the same Error or got stuck in the loading screen where I had to restart the game. After a while I somehow got ported out of the Dng … I tried logging in 5 or 6 times where I landed in the dng or a stuck loading screen. What’s weird is after all that happened I can’t play the game no more. I decided to create a charackter on EUW but even there i play for like 5 min and it kicks me out says the connection got lost some W0x3 code or gox9 code … What’s weird is after that I couldnt even play Apex Legends … I loose connection there too. Don’t know what to do man pls help… I tried the switch off firewall launch easy anti cheat exe into repair or through steam repair the files … PLS HELP !!